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This game suprised me

ReallymjReallymj Member UncommonPosts: 44
I recently downloaded this game and was really suprised. I really like the Armor designs. I am playing a Berserker currently lvl 22. Even at low level the armors look really good. Coming from Rift I was a little concerned how the graphics would be. This game hasn't let me down at all and just running around town seeing the higher level armors and comparing them to Rift I think the designers have a better grasp at what Heavy Armor should look like. I find the game world design interesting for those looking for a break from running around big open worlds. While I have enjoyed exploring in the past I just doent have the time right now. I like the fact that I know exactly where to go at what level because its always the same spot. In other games you may wander around  and spend a bit of time looking for the right area to level. This game really makes it easy for you. I'm really interested to see how the PVP works in this game. I have only done one match so far but was really suprised at how long fights lasted. Coming from a game where fights are decided in less than 30 seconds I was suprised my first fight lasted several minutes. I look forward to seeing the other types of matches that are available. Finally the thing that grabbed my attention the most was the combat. Its just fun the animations look really cool and combos flow well. You can also do grabs which reminded me of Double dragon. It truly is action combat.

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