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DDO a Solo friendly game?

MustarastasMustarastas Member UncommonPosts: 79



I have really wanted to give this game a go for a looooong time but I have understood from other people that you really need a group to be able to experience the game.


However, I just found out that theres a "solo-mode" in DDO and am Downloading the game at the moment. 


Would however, be grateful, if someone could enlighten me about the solo scenario in this game^^





  • kevjardskevjards Member UncommonPosts: 1,452
    the beauty of DDO is that you can choose how you want to do the dungeons..most have some sort of solo,grp,elite tag on them..not all i believe.played it long time ago..really good game and yes it can be solo friendly.
  • iamflymoloiamflymolo Member Posts: 152

    DDO is soloable but is difficult because you need healing, damage, and often the ability to disable traps. Without all 3 you can be hosed in a lot of dungeons. That said, I'm a huge fan of the game and tend to become more of a fan the further along I get (my main character is now almost level 19.)

    Be aware that the game's early levels do a terrible job of showing off what DDO has to offer. I think this is one of the reasons the game failed as a p2p - people simply weren't willing to keep paying for rather dreary and uninspired content and didn't realize how varied everything becomes later on.

    If you are determined to solo throughout and don't mind dropping a bit of cash, you may want to purchase the Artificer class which gives you a pet and is fairly easy to solo. Another option is to purchase hirelings to assist you when you need skills that you do not possess.

  • GoorlotGoorlot Newbie CommonPosts: 34
    Now: yes, you can solo. However, you should also know that there is large power gap between new players and old players, i.e. you may find the amount of content you can solo to be much less than another, much more powerful player. Don't be surprised if you see other players easily finishing content that would destroy you. That's how much of a power gap there is in the game.
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