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Absolute Force Storm Review First And Second Look Vids

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126

Watch it here AFO


You can download the game here:

I'll start by saying it's a typical shooter. But nowadays that doesn't explain everything about a game. This game doesn't really have anything new we haven't seen. But for once I must say a game actually thought about customization. This is something that most of the clone games out there don’t give an F about.

The gun play is pretty stiff but it's stiff in a good way. Guns don't really go wild with recoil. But they do have kick back which will force you into a little bit of aiming skill. They're Appears to be plenty of guns in the game and surprise freebies if you act fast. It has plenty of modes that seem interesting. But here in lies a problem with the modes. Some of them are flat out gank fest no skill involved an all-out zerg one way zerg the other.

Look forward to my second review of this game I'll display more of the maps. And show you nice viewers what was good what was bad and what should have never been animated.


Second Look

Checkout my second look at Absolute Force. I made a montage of sorts showing off the board and its very campy nature. Never the less it was fun for all and worth a good look at. I got quite few fun and good kills enjoy.


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