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Far Cry 3

Did you play it? I'm thinking about buying it, but honestly- i don't know if it's worth to buy. How do you think?


  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 963
    Awesome game hands down the story is great, the AI is amazing. The engine is amazing.. Great game rated 10 out of 10 period...
  • ToxiaToxia Member UncommonPosts: 1,308

    The Deep Web is sca-ry.

  • I bought Crysis at 75% discount off Steam recently, but am finding it a little boring. How different is Far Cry 3? I understand it's more nonlinear.
  • ScalplessScalpless Member UncommonPosts: 1,426

    FarCry 3 is very different from Crysis. It's more similar to GTA and other sandbox games like that.

    I found it fun, but a bit too easy. Even on the highest difficulty setting, the whole game was a stroll in a park. Fantastic presentation and solid gameplay still make it one of the best shooters I've played recently.

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