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LFG f2p or p2p

DjevikDjevik Member UncommonPosts: 107

Alright since I started gaming and my first mmorpg was "Conquer Online 1.0" and played it for about 3 years, I cant find a single mmo that can keep my interest.

So I am here to ask the mmorpg community for help, I have read a lot of posts on these forums and read the stickies and looked at everything everyone has pretty much as suggested..

This I loved about CO,

Very Social, Grind Fest to Level, a PvP/ mostly Pking kinda of Game, This was 1 of the biggest things I loved about CO.. 

Every Map you could go into and PK even back in the 1.0 days you could pk in Twin City.. I would go back to CO but I rather not spend about 700 usd just to get semi decent gear.. b/c you had to buy from IM to get anywhere with gear.

Other things I have found that I like from other mmo's

Is Housing, Guild Housing or guild towns and what not. split class's.. 

I dont know maybe I should find something totally different then my liking's or what I am familiar with..

I have tried these games:

Runes Of Magic, Shaiya, Grand Fantasia, Drakensang Online, Forsaken World, Eden Eternal, World of Tanks,

Stronghold Kingdoms, Planet Side 2, Perfect World International, Jade Dynasty, Raiderz, TorchLight 1 and 2, Maestia Online,

Last Chaos, Twelve Sky 2, Elsword Online, Wolf Team, Conquer Online, S4 League, Loong Online, Fiesta Online, Age of Conan, 

Sevencore Online, Allods Online, Flyff, Kings of Kings 3, Agro Online, Rosh Online, Florensia Online,  DragonSoul Online, 

Loco Online, 4 Story Online, Heroes of Gaia, Cabal Online, 

The free mmorpg list goes on and on.. rather not bore you with every game I have played..


Aion when it was P2P and actually trying it now also.. Its alright

Tera - played it made 3 lvl 60 caps in a month and geared them up and got bored...

Rift - Liked it but got bored fairly quick

WoW - played it like 4 days not really my thing, Dont really want to buy alllllllllllllll the expansions

I think thats it..


any help with be awesome


  • SanelessSaneless Member UncommonPosts: 43

    I would suggest you try out eve online, it held my attention for a long time and its addicting once you figure it out. Pretty grindy and social.


    Its not like any of the games you listed and wouldnt hurt to play the trial. 

  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,236
    PK pleasures kinda points at EVE or darkfall/MO. 


  • SanelessSaneless Member UncommonPosts: 43
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    PK pleasures kinda points at EVE or darkfall/MO. 

    Theres also age of wushu 

  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,236
    Originally posted by Saneless
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    PK pleasures kinda points at EVE or darkfall/MO. 

    Theres also age of wushu 

    rule of thumb: wait a little after release and see which way the game's going.


    only complaint i heard so far is that translations suck. not gamebreaking. but more might come as players level. Never risk an mmo first year. if its worth it it will survive first year and grow.



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