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Mortal Online is actually rly fun.peep this

Jixen9Jixen9 Member UncommonPosts: 48
So iv been searching the forums here for couple months now looking for a new game to get into, seems all the good games arent out i decided to try a game to hold me over till i find a good one. I tried Mortal Online, and i have been playing it for week n half now and im very much into it. I am very suprised i got into a game like this because its sandbox type and basicly a survival type of game, but i have never seen a more indepth game. It is truely intense , basicly you pick one type of specialty what you want to do and thats it, thats what you will be, an example is that im doing bowyery, and thats all i will do, but its more than u think. I have to learn about each tree that i cutt down for wood as a seperate skill. every material i need for my bow is a seperate skill used to obtain it. Everything u do require a skill, riding mounts, mining, every type of bow i craft is a different skill i need to learn, some skills take up to 3 days just to learn to start using. But when i say its intense i mean it.. there are over 1000 diff skills, and these skills are things you have never heard of in a mmo. examples are  zoology to learn about each type of animal so if u butcher it u get max amount of yeild. if u want to be a theif, then thats what you will be and you can steal from peoples pockets and so forth. I can go on and on about skills in this game, its endless. Here is a link for the skills, there is no doubt you will be amazed. Scroll down to Book List , those are the possibilities                      There is player housing, open world pvp, guilds, guild wars. its just cool.. and i made this  thread mainly bc i play the game and think it just be funner the more people who play. and dont get me wrong, the population isnt lacking right now, just be cool to get more. so check it out...If your interested , let me know and ill help you out in game.
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