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Seeking a MMORPG (preferably F2P) with decent pop, fast-paced healer/support role, etc. Suggestions?

nubflakesnubflakes Member Posts: 1

Sup. I've off-an-on played a variety of MMOs throughout the past decade, but of course there's plenty of games I've never played or don't even know anything about - especially since earlier this year I moved overseas. Lately I'm getting that MMO itch real bad, and I am way out of touch.


The most recent game I played was GW2 (80 mesmer, WvW commander in my server), and coming away from that, I'd like to play something with more clearly defined roles. Preferably a rather populated F2P of decent lastability, with some group play encouraged. Particularly one with a well-made support or mage with fast-paced gameplay.


Additional notes: I enjoy PvE and PvP content equally, open PK and such do not bother me, do not mind grind (in fact, I'm somewhat partial to it in a nostalgic & probably masochistic sort of way), am fine with whatever art style as long as we're not talking Phantasy Star 1 tier, etc. PC specs are not an issue.


Not particularly interested in MMOFPS, browser games, turn-based combat, or MOBAs (I have put aside LoL until I return to the US).

My apologies if this is a bit long; I don't speak English much these days. :3

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