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Saying this game is hard? Check Shaiya!

I don't know why you people say this game isn't good. It may have some bad things, but not as bad as Shaiya.

No offence, I just want to make a comparison.


1. BOI got an event system, so no staff needs to be online for events. Yes, that may sound lazy, but it's better than not having events, having rare events or PvP only events in which you die a lot like on Shaiya.

2. Pets. Shaiya doesn't even have pets yet. Anyway, they will be for money only, and I don't know if they will be so cool as here. Maybe they will just add stats, and won't attack and have skills. Maybe they will be just for "fashion".

3. Shaiya has mounts, but you can't do anything to them. You can't upgrade them for better look, faster speed and stats, there are no battle mounts, and if you get hit you are de-mounted.

4. Cash. You say this game is very expensive? I don't think so. On Shaiya, to be uber you need to spend around 10.000$. That's right, 10.000$. An item which increases link rate with 20%, called Operator's Exclusive has become the new currency. Everything that is more expensive than the gold limit is in OPs now. A full uber set is ~1000 OP. 1 OP is 10$. You do the maths. And there will also be added more and stronger gears. So it's like you have to pay 10.000$ each update lol.

Other features BOI haves and Shaiya doesn't:

1. No auto-walk.

2. No token system.

3. No login rewards.

4. Almost no events, even for Christmas they give point codes but you need to buy points to activate them, like buy 500 AP ( Aeria Points ) get 500 more using the code.

5. Crap in game events, there is a Santa Troll dropping accesorry christmas lapis which adds +15 to all stats, the problem is it's only in PvP maps and in same spot, no way you can get anything because of farmers.

6. Crap rewards from quests compared to BOI.

7. I agree, both games got bugs. Maybe Shaiya got less, but it's not worth.

8. Hard level. Leveling is way too hard, if you don't play day and night it takes like 6 months, and even the first levels are hard. At high level you need to kill like 10 hard monsters for 0.1% and that's with all possible EXP bonuses.

9. And many more free things BOI got, such as free 300mins EXP, cool Soul Gear, etc.

10. You say this game is very imbalanced? Nope. In Shaiya, you hardly get a weapon with around 600 attack without paying while buyers have weapons with 2000 attack. Imbalance? Yes. 1 hit kill? Yes.


Same goes for WOI.


I hope you can live in peace with BOI knowing that BOI isn't the worst game out there.

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