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A big laugh a minute forum

A player started a thread (Probably from noticing the couple of months of deleted threads, insta-closed/erased/deleted topics, and mass bannings) as follows


Asmodaan 07:57 am 12/24/202

Freedom of Speech

Is freedom of speech not allowed in this forum, same as in Korea?


they locked it shut 5 mins later at 8:01


I tell ya, from a 4 year vet, when they went in search of the proper jackboot to keep all criticism out of the AO forum, they found it QUICK in Sumirei

God help you and your account of she decides to take a personal grudge against Of course with the direction that Nexon has been going, it is understandable that they need every blind noob they can get to fall for the tricks. Unfortunately for themm they don't realize that the ingame forum isnt where most people learn of their game or can read the warnings about

A particularly good thread they closed was a thread regarding "Raising awareness to fraudulent MMO practices" which highlighted this article from IGN which then the OP goes back to addressing how AO misleads it's players into item mall pruchases (The gambling boxes). They managed to wait out this thread for a day or so , trying not to be too obvious, but they couldn't stand it for long and locked it very quickly as

They've given up being subtle now...and it's quite funny to watch.


  • GoncourtGoncourt Member UncommonPosts: 20

     ~_~ , it wasn't bad the first year .... the amount of new mounts equipment wasn't monthly for a new peice or new merc and balancing was actually decent on Macedon and Argos  =).


    I really did love the market system and the item system.  Now only if we could get a similiar game with less brokeness from the item mall =)


    (AR)Goncourt - Nemesis Guilder Leader - former Peaceful Nation King

  • Tonin109Tonin109 Member Posts: 201

    the game itself is awesome , i stay away from AO because of the cash shop


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