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Another Bad Shooter?

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,067

Time will tell.

So basically after the game went into open beta I login check the cash shop I find they added gold bars to the game.

1. I notice that items mysteriously went missing that I was using in closed beta?

2. I checked the items shop because I figured I might stick a few bucks into the game and support it but then I saw this.

$29.99 USD for 2,650 AFO, or what I asked on the forum was 2,650 Gold Bars.

I looked in the cash shop and I see that one perm shirt costs 3,000 Gold Bars or over 2,500 Gold Bars?

3. I have checked the  website to see what the difference is between AFO and Gold Bars, I don't know if there is a converision system but I feel that their Real World Money Trading system is Misleading me as a cosumer, and annoying. Now if I would have made a purchase and found out this I would have filed a complaint with my CC company and got my money back reguardless of a banned account or not This is just highway ripoff.

The only question is if this is a mistake, and or they still adjusting prices, these are things that should have been added before release of the game into Open Beta, prices should have been adjusted to something worth paying for, Character deletion should have been added and customization options should have already been here before release.

So just warning people if you want to try the game do it, but don't waste your money in this game yet it isn't worthit. The only reason I play is because of customization and because APB reloaded sucks figured it might be a better FPS, but looks like this company doesn't know how to run a game either its pathetic the MMO industry today.

Also to make matters worse I looked online Live Customer Support offline the last 2 or 3 days since this?

At this amount of cash you are better off buying an Xbox360, or Call OF Duty if you just want a shooter and don't care to customize or gender locked and so on.


  • McEntire2008McEntire2008 Member Posts: 3
    I personally do not think time is needed to tell. This game is terrible, even Combat Arms is better than this. I've honoestly never played a game so bad in my entire life. Also, it's not even a FPS that they claim it to be. Everyone plays with TPS available and I've only ever seen a couple hosted games with FPS only available. Ugh, waste of time and computer space.

    Currently playing Aion, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2 on a daily basis.

  • al1enoidal1enoid Member UncommonPosts: 8

    Beta is beta, disappearing items can be fixed, but still, what makes this game more succesful than the dozens of other similar shooters with an average of a few dozens of ppl online at a time? One more game to be killed by games like cod and battlefield... this game has no new cool stuff except decent looking girls running around, which doesnt look bad at all, but that isnt even nearrly enough to keep me playing. And numerous obvious mistakes in translations are quite annoying, and really don't tell good stuff about the quality of the game... if a company doesn't even bother to get the basics right, im not impressed.

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