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Fractals dungeon improvements incoming

Zeus.CMZeus.CM Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,788

  • Improvement to party making for fractal levels
  • Abillity to reconnect
  • Update at the end of January
edit: deleted my explanation because people get confused when they read my bad english. Arenanet explains better anyway :P


  • VolkonVolkon Member UncommonPosts: 3,748

    So the level 20 guy won't improve? Or will he only improve if in a group of all 20s?


    That part seems puzzling.



    Edit: Never mind, makes sense after reading it. If you do a run lower than someone's level they won't increase and will only get karma.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • SiphaedSiphaed Member RarePosts: 1,114
    Originally posted by Zeus.CM

    • Improvement to party making for fractal levels
    • Abillity to reconnect
    • Update at the end of January
    Current system allows party to enter into lowest party member fractal level, the new system will allow party to enter highest level of any party member.
    For example, if you have someone with level 3 fractas, others with level 7 and one with level 20, party will be able to enter level 20. Upon completition all party members will have their fractal level increased by 1, except for the level 20 guy that will gain karma.
    Imo, a great change that will make group finding for certain fractal levels easier and will allow, for example, guild members to help others to increase their level while still doing the level they need.

    Edit your post because it's confusing other people please (and you seem to be confused too).  Only people who are ABOVE the level of the fractal entering will gain Karma but no Fractal level.


    So, if someone is Fractal level 3, three people are Fractal level 7, and one guy is Fractal level 20, then the entire party can enter into a level 20 Fractal.  At the end of the thing everyone will gain a level and it'll be Fractal level 4, three Fractal level 8's, and one Fractal level 20.


    BUT, if say someone is Fractal level 3, two people are Fractal level 7, one guy is Fractal 20, and the last guy is Fractal 31.  Now, say that everyone decided to enter Fractal level 20 and completed it.  It would be Fractal level 4, two Fractal level 8's, one Fractal 21, and still a Fractal 31 (because the last guy was higher than the entered level, so gains no level but instead Karma).



    Sounds like great features, just wish they'd have done it for this month so that I could actually complete the monthly achievement part of it.

  • XhieronXhieron Member UncommonPosts: 132
    Yay!  Better ways to funnel everybody to the treadmill content that made all of the--eh, screw it; it's not worth it anymore.  Smed needs to get it in gear over there.

    Peace and safety.

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