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not sure of the point of this game anymore



  • YizleYizle Member Posts: 517
    Originally posted by Burntvet
    Originally posted by Yizle
    Originally posted by Burntvet
    Originally posted by Yizle
    All the people on here whining about the premium tanks must not actually know anything about them. Besides the increased credits they usually are subpar with the exception of the 59 and it even has weaknesses. I say this as an owner of quite a few of them. I just recently went back to the game and having fun with it again. For how long who knows. Also since they give out low tier premium tanks with promos u can get some 1-4 ones and even better free garage slots. Now that all consumables and gold rounds can be bought with credits I laugh at all the liars calling this P2W.

    Yeah, with high tier tanks, especially the Russian bought ones, you dominate everything.

    And it is impossible to keep those repaired without buying RL cash, unless you grind low tier missions forever. And actually enough credits to buy a high tier premium tank? Yeah, I hope you aren't doing anything for the next 3 months. And that is before you fire off one round of gold ammo. So, sure, technically you don't have to spend real money, but unless you grind credits like a multi-boxing Chinese gold farmer working in a labor camp, you do.

    So, pay real cash = almost automatic win, that simple enough for you?

    (Sure, sure you have beaten elite tanks in your crappy standard tanks, blah blah blah... but for most, the edge provided by elite tanks and free flowing gold ammo is very tough to overcome, and you get that edge by paying RL cash.)

    If you mean the tier 10 Russian heavies I have those. And the Germans. Almost finished the French and American 57 line. Working on the mediums and finishing the TD chains now for Russia. Almost have the T10 Jag E100. So again I disagree with your opinion. Also I rarely fire gold ammo unless I was doing CW or TC. Since I do neither of those now I have a very large stockpile of gold rounds from those days. I also bought about 50 of each of the large 20k consumables using credits I have. I still have just under 10 million credits sitting there also. So what super powered Russian premium tank are you talking about? The KV5 with its wonderfully easy to hit R2D2? That is just funny. So your pay real cash= automatic win is a lie. Like most of your post.

    Cool story Bro.

    Someone who is so heavily invested in this game is going to do what besides defend it at all costs? No one is going to hurt your Precious.

    Whatever man, you can have your own opinion, but not your own facts, and you can't tell me what I did or did not see with my own eyes.

    Please return to your own private Idaho, all is well !  :P

    Ahh more of your ASSumptions and opinions. Actually on their forums I criticize them for what needs to be criticized. Not your made up stuff. Horrid MM. German tanks being nerfed to uselessness in contradiction to reality, arty nerf being too extreme. And actually I just went back to the game less then a month ago. Been gone for almost a year playing many other games. So please go back to your ignorant... I mean Idaho.

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