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If your 555 them I'm?

If your 555 them I'm?


  • ClownClown Member Posts: 71

    I've never played it, but my friend got back into it cause i guess a while ago they added a new server or something? anyways hes been glued to it since then.


    i played AC2 and that pretty much ruined any curiousity i had about AC1

  • JebusMessiahJebusMessiah Member Posts: 5
    aha! that's the thing, AC2 is worse than The first I have heard. Storyline wise, the graphics look good, but the conept is bad i hear...AC1 is still going. I have always enjoyed it and probably always will. Try AC1, when you get it, it is a month free, talk to me and i can hook you up with some help. Hey, if you don't like it, fly to where i am, and come beat the crap outta me....k?

    If your 555 them I'm?

    If your 555 them I'm?

  • odinwiseodinwise Member Posts: 79
    was a cool game.  I can't go back to it though cuz of the graphics.  They just bug me.


  • JebusMessiahJebusMessiah Member Posts: 5

    I think that the graphics are better for me, they are a bit more cartoony than most, but I like the fact that they aren't so pointy. On all other MMORPGs I have played the graphics haved looked more realistic though....I guess I like the more Cartoony look, though it isn't exactly full cartoon....ok I will stop rambling image

    If your 555 them I'm?

    If your 555 them I'm?

  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,867
    i kinda miss AC. It was my first mmorpg. It was great having something new to look forward to every month via the updates. Plus i was a monarch, i miss having my vasselsimage

  • daethevendaetheven Member Posts: 51
    AC1 will forever RULE ALL MMORPGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no other game gives you the freedom to make youre char the way YOU WANT not the way the makers want BUT YOU YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR STATS  whats raised whats skiped what skills you want every char can use magic  not just mages the way i see it no new game that will ever come out will give you the freedom to make youre own choices... no game none not a single one will and for that reason i still play as Grim the Reaper the one and only the first ever Grim the Reaper ther are many copies but only one original and THATS ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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