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Issues with trying to find this MMORPG and the site it takes you to it problems..

Dimon101Dimon101 Member Posts: 1

To whom it may concern,



This website featured a rpg i was interested in, but it seems i cannot even get to the site. The RPG is called:


Foundations of Hope Online

Here is the information on the RPG on this website i found:


When you go to the official website that holds this specific rpg, it gives you this error:


FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!


The official website given on the above page leads you to this error. Please either fix the game by putting it in the "cancelled" games or find out why the official link to this game does not work. Apparently, im not the only one gettting this error from this as i also asked this same question over at too:


Please assist me with this problem. Thanks to anyone who helps in advanced!

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