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Why still choice sevencore to play or still play this game?

lengentlengent Member Posts: 2

I can tell u sevencore is not worth to play anymore . Why? bunch of Marco User at the game and Dev / GM wont ban them even players have a ton or SS and video evidence .
u can see this player spaming skill when there's no any mobs around . Guess what GM reply? This video can proof him using Marco or other third party program .For me this video proof this player using third party program and grind u can clearly see him spam skill without any mob and after he killed a mobs 3-4 secs spaming skill without a single mobs . Gpotatoes Gala-net have received my report but They do nothing becos this player spend bunch or cash in game they trying to protect it . i'm not the only one who report this player using Marco program bunch of ppl report him.
I have some GM friends from other games i can tell u 6 of the GM 4 of them agree with me he's using Marco or other third party program .2 others GM said is clearly see him afk standy there and shoot mobs and spaming skill still have to investiga?GalaNet and Gpotatoes GM are really blind .So i leave this game with other 11 players and i'm still the highest lv in sevencore lv91.

So why u still spending money and play this game ? If u really want to play this game i suggest u to learn how to use Marco believe me they wont ban u  Even other player have ur SS or video clip to proof

lol finish liao


  • Darklotus79Darklotus79 Member Posts: 61

    This Gpotatoes worst game. Its just horrible!!

    Allods is the only game they have thats worth a damn.

  • lengentlengent Member Posts: 2

    Nah i will wait for RO2 with my friends ^^

    This is what GM reply me

    Sorry for the slow response times. Been busy ^^

    I understand the frustration you must have and I just want to reassure you guys that if Selvesh is still currently unbanned, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not he spends money in the cash shop. Trust me, if someone is doing something to give themselves an unfair advantage, then regardless of whether they spend money or not, they will be banned.

    Now here is my situation with this particular case. Selvesh has been reported before and I've looked into him. Unfortunately up until this point, despite some suspicious videos, I've not found anything that definitively incriminates him as a macro user. I've even showed your video to several people here and they told me that it seems odd, but it's not sufficient enough evidence for a perma ban.

    For me I have to remain unbiased in this, I'm required to look at this in two ways:
    1. Selvesh IS in fact using macros and as such should be banned because it's against the TOS
    2. Selvesh is not liked by players in the game who want to see him banned

    I'm not saying #2 is the case, but imagine if it is? So let's say I ban Selvesh. I've just banned an innocent player to appease the greater majority. If he comes back to me and asks why he's banned, how will I respond to him? Sure, I can say macro using, but if he were to ask me "with what evidence?" I would honestly not have a good response to give him. I could show him the videos, but frankly if they aren't conclusive for me or anyone here, they probably won't be for him either.

    I'm hoping with this in mind, you can understand the dilemma. It's not like we've cast a blind eye on this, just that up until now I've yet to find something that I feel to be conclusive evidence of his wrongdoing. If I find this, yes I will ban him. Until then, I just have a really hard time banning what could very well be an innocent player. The same goes for all of you guys also, don't think this applies to only Selvesh. If someone accused you of a level hack, for example, I wouldn't just ban right away. I would look and try to find what you are doing exactly and make sure that I was entirely justified in this ban. Whether it's time or money the players have invested in the game, they deserve that much at least before they are blocked forever from it.

    Ultimately, I know everyone will continue to think what they will. You can feel I'm unjustly defending him and that I'm a bad person or something, but I need to do what I feel is right. Should any further evidence come up to prove his guilt, I would be more than happy to look at it. I will additionally be checking from my end as well for anything suspicious.

    Thank you again for contacting me and I hope you can understand my position.

    Best regards,

    it call a marco user an innocent player . so the one who report him are bad player i guess .

    lol finish liao

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