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Underestimated Action RPG Gem

C9!.... simply an underestimated action rpg game that had me drooling over my keyboard trying to master the combos. I can see that blade & Soul by NCSOFT will be just like this game.. combo crunching key smashing!..


C9.. is absolutely amazing and I am surprise that there weren't much publicity or marketing campaign. The game play is smooth and the combos.. oh my.. absolutely astonishing!


The pvp mechanics is pretty matchable to Age of Conan's pvp.  I do hope the community grows,


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,420

    OP, C9 game is far behind from Blade and Soul. I played the Korean beta of B&S and the combat is a much more improved version of TERAs combat. Much more improved and a bit faster for more action but not just button mashing.

    I like C9 but i stopped playing because i dont tolerate action games with heavy instanced worlds. Thats just lazy development practice, make a game with great combat, nice graphics and animations, but then take the easy way out with limited gameplay and horrible grinding through the same corridor 234252523532 times before doing the next corridor for the same routine.

    Same happens with Vindictus. 

    Blade and Soul is not instanced like C9, B&S is presistent open world mmorpg with action combat so your comment on that is not valid.

    If VIndictus and C9 had persistent worlds, i would still be playing them hands down.


    EDIT: also a problem with C9, when im in town my eyes always hurt because of the horrible transparency... i can see through every wall, tree, ground, floor, roof, etc.... thats just wrong. 

  • RompRomp Member Posts: 10

    Totally agree with you Rojo6934.

    There are instance grind and if only, they would have put in a persistent world, it'll be a killer mmo.

    Nonetheless, My interest in C9 really is the combos and the quick pvp you can get asswhooped. All in all, a good game to keep me occupied till NCSoft releases BnS

    Darn NCSoft won't be announcing the launch of BnS anytime soon.

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