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Highest donator of the month gets to ask henrik questions..

deathshrouddeathshroud Member Posts: 1,366
Hello everyone! We have this months interview ready for you. Every month the top donator will get to ask Henrik a series of questions. It's a great read and I hope you enjoy.

Month: November, 2012
Player: Diphling

Do you eat Bacon Squeeze? I've heard about this stuff and it sounds awesome.

HaHa, I didn’t know we had that until now. No, I haven’t tried that out. It doesn’t look too tasty in such form.. but I guess it could be worth a shot, maybe.

What are your plans to balance the races, or do you think everything is fine as-is?

I don’t think they are “fine” as they are, no. We clearly notice a good spread in the interest of choosing their race by watching the flood of new players entering the game. That part is good; however, if they get into a guild and want to follow that perfect old pvp build some of them may create a new character for that use, which is the bad part. I always wanted players to freely choose their favorite race and be able to specialize into whatever they are interested in.
We planned and still plan to allow rituals, which means that the players alter their race caps. So, to become a good fighter on a Veela for instance, it may take some time and resources until you have those stats you are looking for, while a thursar/khurite gets there faster. We did want to address this faster than we could, so the question comes down to if we are still going the ritual route or simplify how to choose stat caps. We are not totally sure yet; we have read a lot of feedback on this topic as well on the forums, where I also mentioned the ritual plans.

Surely there are more of the Alvarin Clade out there! Can we expect any new races in the future?

No, the races of Nave are all presented to you already; however, there is a “feature” that will come in time which gives players a possible chance of playing something differently than what we have now. But, that is mostly given by new skills and things that affects the player's appearance. You have heard of one time mobs, and there is something similar for the players.

Now that the Grey Halls has been paid for, what is the estimated timeframe for this event series?

It shouldn’t be too long to get this going live. Since the donation goal was hit, our best artist Erik finalized the content very quickly. What’s left is some skinning and loot adjustments, then it will be patched to the game. So we have a few days of work left, then we have to see the status of our closest patch to get it in.

Which continent is the next in development? Lykia please!

Hmmm, so hard to choose one. Lykia is an interesting continent with extreme vegetables nothing like the jungle you know of in Myrland. I would say Avatar the movie represent the appearance better. Strange wildlife lives there, and it's of course the home of the Alvarin clade. Since Myrland has little of everything, but not to an extreme, it's more alike as the world we know as Earth. But the other continents push the limits to their own extremes.

What we would hope for is to have the temperature system in place when we also start adding the new continents so people immediately get used to what that means instead of adding it later. With this said we do not wish just to add a complex feature that gives even more for the players to monitor and work with just simply to survive though the different world areas. But, with the right gear in the right area, it could give you an advantage over someone with totally wrong gear in the wrong area, giving him a small penalty in a way. We have mentioned this before and we are interested in hearing the feedback on this feature.

So yeah it all comes down to what kind of setting we are most interested in seeing first: desert like never before seen, the exotic jungle continent Lycia, or the harsh and extremely hostile Herabalter where it's almost never clear skies and the sun is rarely seen.

I've seen hundreds of new players all around Tindrem myself, are you pleased with the way F2P has developed?

We're very pleased. There has been a constant flow of new players and it looks like most of them are having a blast in the Tindremic garden, slowly getting into the game. We are planning to give more and new hot spots after the grave yard, which is heavily populated now by the new players. We are also happy to see so many veterans going there and helping the new players as well recruiting them; that’s proven to be the best way for a new player to get into the game so far.

Which magic school can we expect first? I hear that the grey halls deals a lot with Daemons...

The Grey Hall indeed deals with Daemons and portals. Players will be able to learn about these areas more when the schools are in place. You have surely seen some of its spells already, discovered by the players. Sebastian has his own favorite school type that he wishes to work with, and I guess we all have our own favorite schools. Me and Sebastian are right now going through the upcoming work schedules and that should let us to decide what comes first. If we can’t decide then perhaps we will allow you to get your voice heard on the topic as well. The magic schools will differ a lot from one-another. Some may be perfect for PvP, some for PvE, but some will not even be combat related.

What new character customization options can we expect? I know this is probably not developmental focus, but many of us out there love to create and customize our characters!

We have some planned skills which are related to character customization, such as: tattoo artist skills, hair dye and haircuts. Discovering the recipes for growing or shrinking is another way of character customization, as well as very rare things in the world that further affect your appearance in some extreme ways. Then of course we plan to finalize tailoring and add new clothing gear that is just for appearance. Some will have stats, especially when magic is coming around more.

What is your favorite play style in Mortal Online? Do you personally play? Are you a great warrior, a cunning mage, or a dastardly sexy thief?

I use to play both a murderer and a neutral in the old days of UO. But over the years I find it more and more sad for the victims I jump. Strange that is, something I used to enjoy being a thief in UO.
First I stole from them, could be a mages black pearls or something like that, I was one of the few skilled thieves to know how to get under stacks of bags and clothes in UO. So when they stood still laughing at me for being safe with stacks on their precious pearls I just needed 5 seconds close to them and then bam I got their pearls and ran away from the mob.

When they were separated and the mage was still on me, he couldn’t cast some important spells due to the lack of the pearls which forced him to cast some crappy spells on me. He thought I would be a weak thief with only pure thievery skills and nothing else. It usually ended up that I’ve killed him in self-defense and got all his stuff. Then I went to the bank and used a disguise kit to change my name and appearance, went back to the grave yard and found a new victim

This time a warrior with an axe in his hand. Perfect for me, and even more rare for players to see that it would be my best target. So I first disarmed him from his axe, since I moved around him alot in a direction where he can’t see what he is holding he didn’t even notice his axe was disarmed into his inventory instead of his hands. I quickly then stole his axe. He started to hit at me with his bare hands since he now was lacking the axe. It usually took some seconds before they noticing that and then they'd panic. I was a lumber thief, which meant I was very deadly with axes. I put HIS axe in my hands and then I killed him in 2 quick strikes and again got all his loot.

Now this sounds terrible, and I always felt a bit sad for them afterwards, but hey they could afford it. They were not new players and it sure gave us all some nice action. I always enjoyed fighting with my tank mage as well; pure pvp duel training events, and of course chaos/order and faction wars. Of course before that, I explored pretty much everything in this great game, and learned most profession to craft things. I built my keep and crafted us some nice furniture. I also had a dragon tamer which could be fun to pvp with, but used him mostly to pve for gold.

The interesting thing in game like UO and MO is that you never know who you run into. I remember I was running a Swedish guild in UO back in the days when the game was still pretty new. I recruited a Swedish guy that had a very bad computer and internet connection compared to the rest of us. We all went to the skeleton mage rooms in, hmm... darn I'm starting to forget the names of the dungeons in UO.

Well, the lich lord dungeon room, one level above had skeleton warriors and a room with skeletal mages. It was easy to kill them with a silver sword and you got nice cash in there.
I felt poor for this new guy because whenever he managed to open the loot bag from the mobs it was always looted by someone else so he never got anything. When my inventory was filled since I was a pro looter, I gave the rest to this guy till he was overloaded as well. Then we headed home to fill the bank with gold, and so we continued for many days when we all needed gold.

A year after this guy got a new computer and internet connection and started to pvp a lot. The time passed and we all got split up from the old team we once used to be and another year went by. One day in the grave yard I saw a familiar face; it was the Swedish guy with that poor connection, but today he was one of the best pvpers of all time in UO.

He said he wanted to give me something back as a thank for the old runs we had, and he gave me a large brick house which was awesome at that time. We started to PvP a lot again and I wouldn't stand a chance against this guy. Even if we were 2 against him he still beat us. Magic duels in that time was something epic. It was so filled with player skills and when you thought you had a pro they just laughed with 10hp left with full control that it was all that was needed to interrupt my death spell which I thought, and then to turn it around to kill me.

We wanted to recreate this system in MO, but some things made it pretty hard. Now first, we also lacked the skills in that area when we developed magic, and the technology and first person setting made things very different. However, Sebastian managed to recreate an exact copy of the old UO magic system locally which was just awesome. We could PvP just like in the old days of UO.
We didn’t spend the time to try to put it into MO on the server side since other things were requiring the attention. Now, I bet UO vets would just love to be able to pvp the exact same way they could in UO because it was filled with player skill and reaction. The question is, does that still work in todays MMO and will the majority enjoy it? We did want to try one school dedicated for this play style, and the rest will go their own routes.

In your opinion what makes Mortal Online stand out from the competition?

Everything. MO has gone very far and we are slowly getting our unique features and settings which parts the game from all other MMOs. We sure are inspired and try to get some features from other successful games such as EVE Online and UO. However, MO is still its own unique game with other features as well.

Where UO stopped, we wanted to push the features further and bring more variation to the players. There are, sadly, few full-loot full-PvP sandbox games out there, and we really enjoy working with this game and every day we are getting further and further. We are very happy to see the support and player base growing with us, and helping us continue to develop this great game.

It sure has been a bumpy ride as we promised before we released, but I think we all can see a big difference with where the game is today and where it is heading

there are 2 types of mmo, imitators and innovaters.


  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 13,474

    I think it's quite telling that the question was posed about how he plays MO and he gives a huge response about his adventures in UO... did he misunderstand the question?


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  • KrematoryKrematory Member UncommonPosts: 608
    Weird enough, this interview made me want to play UO instead of MO lol

    "EVE is likely the best MMORPG that you've never really understood or played" - Kyleran

  • NeoptolemusNeoptolemus Member Posts: 242
    It was a pretty odd way to answer the question, as he basically recounts all the cool and fun things he did in UO, then states that MO doesn't have that as they couldn't implement it. Not the best way to promote your game. Arguably it wasn't a promotion piece, but as this proves it still gets out there among the wider MMO community.
  • CaptainObviousCaptainObvious Member UncommonPosts: 43

    Heres my conspiracy theory. This person who is donating upwards of $5000 is actually an employee of SV. This is simply a con to try and convince other people to donate. 

  • TalonsinTalonsin Member EpicPosts: 3,619

    Someone donated thousands and these were the best questions they could come up with?


    I am tempted to throw a few grand to SV so I could ask some real questions.

    "Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD

  • KabaalKabaal Member UncommonPosts: 3,042
    Originally posted by CaptainObvious

    Heres my conspiracy theory. This person who is donating upwards of $5000 is actually an employee of SV. This is simply a con to try and convince other people to donate. 

    I reckon you're right. They really do seem to be pulling out all the stops in order to milk as much as they can just now. I wouldn't be surprised to see the game disappear after it all.

  • BetaguyBetaguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,622
    Originally posted by CaptainObvious

    Heres my conspiracy theory. This person who is donating upwards of $5000 is actually an employee of SV. This is simply a con to try and convince other people to donate. 

    Lol, tinfoil hat much?


  • deathshrouddeathshroud Member Posts: 1,366
    i know the guy who donated the most this month, spoken to him in ts before and he was in my guild for a while. He doesnt work for SV. He isnt the highest donator overall dont think just for the month which could be pretty much any amount.

    there are 2 types of mmo, imitators and innovaters.

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