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COD 2!


I seen the screenies and wow here is a link of where u cvan see the screens


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  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    I saw it in my latest CGM mag but I after reading the issue, I am much more exciting for the next unreal than the newest addition to the COD saga. After seeing multiple screenies, I have come to the conclusion that it looks a lot like COD [1] and that there could not be much more added that could catch my eye.

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  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    old news to an activision tester ::::02::

  • Hyper_PorsheHyper_Porshe Member Posts: 20

    Yea, I heard abou this ohh 2 months ago? Im not sure if it's going to be all that grerat though, I mean it may be some new maps and all, but is it worth it? We'll just have to wait..and see..



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