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Last Days Pope John Paul II?

DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,357

The pope is in the hospital for the 3rd time this month. He has a urinary tract infection, and he was given sacrament of the annointing of the sick (last rites). One doctors quote was this:

"His body has come to a standstill," said Dr. Zab Mosenifar, who treats elderly patients at the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. "Usually, these people go in a downhill course."

This doesn't necessarily mean he will die. He is responding to antibiotics, but his condition is worsening.

Full story here:


  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384


    I think so

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  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

    Last time he made a public appearance they had to feed him through a tube.

    Doesn't look very good.


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  • VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239

    i do feel it is sad someone who made the church so much better then it was even in world war two. with platform of non involvment, and some priests even turned in resistance fighters against musalini.

    and much better then their silent endorsement of the slave trade.

    i feel pope john paul has made the catholic church a good summaritan outgoing organization that helps the world. and i feel he is mostly responsible for this. so i feel this is a great man passing away.


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  • mister_GuSmister_GuS Member Posts: 811

    When i strated hearing about him bieng sick it really made me sad
    I mean this man is the head of the church and well i am Catholic so in a way he is like my president of religion
    and well if he goes
    who knows who will take his place

    lets hope god saves this man

    For atleast some more years

    unless he is in pain
    then in that case, i think people in pain should well not have to be in pain any more

    God Bless you Pope John Paul II!::::28::


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  • DerfelCadarnDerfelCadarn Member Posts: 875

    I am also Catholic, it is really sad to see such a great man die. He really helped the church survive in the 20th century through reform. Unlike figure heads of countries and organizations- I really think he talks the talk and walks the walk.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820


    First Johnnie Cochran, Then Mitch Hedburg, and now possibly the Pope. What a depressing week.

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  • Hyper_PorsheHyper_Porshe Member Posts: 20

    It seems like it may be, but who would be the new pope if he did die ::::03:: It wouldnt be the same, because "Da freakin pope"(if you have seen family guy) is a one of a kind ::::08::



  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,357


    The pope only has hours to live. He is in grave condition and has now suffered heart failure.

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783
    Its very sad to see him go, he has done so much to the world.. He is one of a kind and should be remembered for a long time to come, I know I will remember him image
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