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Darktide level/name/class/clan

bballermc333bballermc333 Member Posts: 283

hey alright

71/no-name/Battle Mage/Fallen God

dont know how long im gonna stay in fallen god after levers because i got alot of high level friends.

i am lookin to buy a DT account or trade for one. hopefully 126 mage, my account has on dt a level 90 archer, im turning to sword but hurry and/tell if u want it archer, a level 71 mage, will hit 80 in maby 2 days<-have two sets of gsc also a ubr BP with mod melee def and mod missil def....pick who you wanna use it on but i just got missil for mage so i use it on him...i got a BR LR and a AR wand. a armor rend bow too. working on weeping for mage but the bow has a weeping ua and weeping bow. . on ff a level 87 mage, 64 sword. on vt a level 64 mage<-has fully tinkd armor, all black and has a mod strn helm its good for holding pris tapers winkimagewink =D

**if you dont have an account for trade then reply with a price..nothing under 120!** 



  • QoreQore Member Posts: 13


    I have a 126+ Mage on DT I haven't seen in 2 years.

    Glad to see the game still has a community and not everyone is maxed out already. I imagine any DT players are ex-white server players anyway.


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