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Carebear game



  • AldwinAldwin Member Posts: 92

    ah, the famous "carebear" whine.

    Since the term is so derogatory these days, shall we come up with a similar label for the gankers?

    loserbear? gankbear? kidbear? bullybear?

    Need I go on?

  • SinnSinn Member UncommonPosts: 93
    I can see this game being fun at the start of course but with no PVP interaction it's going to be insanely boring, you could play a single player game for that kind of stuff...and the way people play mmorpg they max out their characters then they complain about no end game material so i can just imagine how it will be like for lord of the rings
  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657

    From what i have been reading about this game in the official Forums, the devs are aware of the end game content and are working on designing elabourate quests to keep us interested. All the time they would be spending on making a pvp systems that would probably never work right they are putting into content that will be fun and lore appropiate.

    I also won't miss the gankers and lamers who have nothing better to do than rune a players day. I am not against pvp but I am not a pvp fanatic. I would rather explore and immerse myself into the world and the storyline they provide for me to enjoy. Lvling is important but if the world is full of content to explore and quests to immerse myself in then I can forgo the lvling for the fun.

    Most pvp games are all about grinding lvls so that you are the top dog and you can beat anyone who challenges you. I am not into that kind of egotistical behanior, I have no desire to prove myself in a game or how leet i am cause i can outmanuver another player and beat him. So if I am considered a carebear then I proudly accept the title. better than being a lamer or ganker.


  • keltic1701keltic1701 Member Posts: 1,162
    I still believe that the people who will play this game will because they enjoy the world that Tolkien created. The real trick will be making the content true and believable. I'm still holding judgement until I try it but I'm optimistic. As far as gankers goes, they just stay out of Middle-earth and be a pain somewhere else!
  • ShazzelShazzel Member Posts: 472

    The problem is a FULLY made mmo includes some form of pvp (nowadays). A game like MEO should have good and evil playable races battling over contested territory (high level areas).


    It even sounds like they might add evils and pvp later on, which just means their selling everyone short at retail.


    Thats my main complaint....its just going to be another crap unfinished game where players are forced to pay while they beta for another year or two.

  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657

    They have stated on the OF that there will be no PVP and that is final and it will not change. So if they never intended to put in pvp then how can it be an unfinished game when they release? Just cause they want to go a differant direction and do what other games don't do and develope the RP in the game to a new lvl doesn't meen that the game will be crap. All that we have seen of this game so far is a almost 6 month old demo that they used at E3 and PAX.  I understand that people who enjoy pvp feel cheated that this game will not include what they desire in a game, but that gives them no right to bash a game noone has played yet.

    Alot of people, myself included have speculated that they may ad evil races and pvp later. But since I read what they had to say about no pvp and it will not change I no longer think they will. I am sorry if you feel cheated, Me personally, I don't feel cheated and there are tons of future players who feel as I do.


  • jakintheboxjakinthebox Member Posts: 5
    They wont have any problems with player-base (immediatly at least). They have a whole army of D&D and Tolkien fans to throw money at them. Thats great for them but I most definatly will not play.
  • Bloods925Bloods925 Member Posts: 3
    How comes when i go on bfme online it comes up with login timed out can anyone help?image
  • ZaizasZaizas Member Posts: 32

    There is no PvP cuz' all races is good....

    I like it :) I don't like PvP .... It makes a game, somekind of a contest!

    - Zaizas

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