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Mage & Wizard Talk !!

Kuro_NekoKuro_Neko Member Posts: 24
hi everybody i have been playing mage and wizard for the last 4 characters so if anyone has any questions i would be please to answer image



  • UifzUifz Member Posts: 252
    Just wondering what server are you playing on because I have some questions, but it depends on the type of server you are using.

  • Kuro_NekoKuro_Neko Member Posts: 24

    I'm playing in TRO loki

    i haven't got that much money to play in iRO its too expensive and got a very bad customer service but i can answer some questions if you ask me anything, I've been playing Ro for quite a while now including knight,Blacksmith,Wizard,Priest(not knowing that much about).

    Assasin and Hunter i've never play before

  • qkrwogudqkrwogud Member Posts: 31
    What type of mage do u think it the best everyone??


  • Kuro_NekoKuro_Neko Member Posts: 24

    i would say fire mage is the best because FW is very good and powerful

    but when you are wizard you also need to have FD+JU

  • qkrwogudqkrwogud Member Posts: 31

    ok thanks ill do that



  • Kuro_NekoKuro_Neko Member Posts: 24
    no worries broimage

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