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Good game bad company!!



  • DjinDjin Member Posts: 3,263

    Originally posted by Uifz

    Soon Gravity will find out of these "Private Servers"........

    And have the game turn into Diablo 2???  That's not good...

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  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890
    I don't get it?image

  • Kuro_NekoKuro_Neko Member Posts: 24

    Originally posted by Gunblade

    They already know about it and they are not illegal in anway it's a "free" beta

    in thailand it is illegal

    gravity tries to catch all the private servers but most of them got away and a lot of people are playing it, this is because theres a new rule just for thailand that all online games have to be close at 10pm-6am which most people go to private server at that time

  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890
    yes but in thailand i am sure they are not using the "free" i repeat "free" beta? cause if they were then thats just dumb...unless it was like a government rule or something.

  • Kuro_NekoKuro_Neko Member Posts: 24


    do you mean downloaded it of internet?

    if thats so they did and its still illegal

  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890
    ....nm image

  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890
    what admin spawned that!!??!! jeesus

  • ArmorDragonArmorDragon Member Posts: 3
    image  I've never really played the game but I have heard really good things about it and I've also heard about the security problems that Gravity has I guess the statement is correct.....if the company were better, than great......I don't know about you guys but I play Dark Ages (Which these ppl conviniently don't have) and except for Nexus not doing alot of moding and whatnot, which is very good, the game is excellent....people use lag and bugs to get ahed but they fix most bugs......the lag is probably the start walking and the next thing you know, you're back to where you were 10 secs's frustrating sometimes.....but...hey...whut can you do.....I just downloaded Ragnarok Online and I'm going to try it out...I'll tell you guys whut I think....and those fees kill's not fair.  Ragnarok charges $12 and Dark Ages charges $ if I want to play both, it's $22 a month or about $270 a year.

  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890
    uhh thats why you find a free private server... YOU FOOL!

  • hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124

    Originally posted by Emedea
    Haven't they been severely hacked twice since release?  I almost downloaded it and then the next day Stratics reported that they had been hacked again.  I am very glad I decided to wait on trying it out. 

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    3 major times and many minor ones. Not too cool I think.

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