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Token System Replacement?

CredinusCredinus Member Posts: 32

I remember playing Vindictus back in the North American beta, during the period where we had unlimited tokens (obviously this was when the token system was in place), and I really enjoyed the game. However, once the actual working token system was patched in, I quickly left because I didn't like being (extremely) limited on the number of dungeon runs I could do per week, especially since there were no plans to have a subscription system to ignore that [for the record, I much prefer subscription options for content, like the way DDO and LoTRO handle their content models].

Now, I've read that the token system was done away with a year or so ago, which makes me really want to give the game another go since the token system was the only problem I had with it at all (and it was a big enough problem to warrant the "forget this game" attitude for me). However, I know that they have to be making their money somewhere, which is great and all, but I just want to get an answer to one thing before I bother trying the game again:

Was any sort of system like the token system implemented since the token system removal that limits what dungeons you can run and/or how often you can run them (with the exception of raids, which I believe I read are once per day which is fine for me)?


  • MagikarpsGhostMagikarpsGhost Member RarePosts: 689
    No the only thing they have is a wait time at the end of the run it goes from 20 seconds to 150 seconds if you keep running the same dungeon without sitting in town for 10 seconds. Other then that no its unlimited. They have an exp event going on untill 12/31/12 so its a good time to rejoin. They also added a new char "vella" so you can find partys fairly easy.

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  • NovusodNovusod Member UncommonPosts: 912




    I was one of the older players who prefered the token system. It was pretty easy to get move tokens if you did fishing and turned in seals or if you paced yourself. Paying real money for tokens was also an option.


    When they removed the tokens it opened up all kinds of new problems. First came the bots who spammed the missions 24/7. They flooded the market with gold and made everything really expensive. NEXON responed but lowering the drop rates which made rare gear almost impossible to gain. Eventually the bots got banned which made the in game economy even worse. A simple Maelstrom scroll costs 90 million gold and level 80 gear costs in the billions. Economy has been broken ever since they removed tokens.

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