marlborzmarlborz Member Posts: 36
one thing i'm starting to see with a level 61 mage,level 55 waden, level 50 scout is the need or much better equipment as level progresses. At level 61 with the equipmnt provided to me through quests i was no longer able to do higher level insances. Basically at level 55 the need for instanced items or items that require acient mementos increases alot. If your lucky enough to run a dungeon and get a couple good drops from a level 55 instance you can stat these items and have a starting point to create a sucessful level 55 gear set . I always thought i could just outlevel myself and just skip over whatever was going on. Whether or not you are lucky all will have to stop leveling yellow stat their entire gear set and gradualy upgrade themselves into better and better gear. It's not like you are going to be breezing through anything in this game beause every aspect o the game is tied into another and everything takes alot of time. The quests virtually stop around level 60 so the need to yellow stat items become more and more apparent each level you don't do this. I am just now starting to see what level 55 means and am looking forward to progressing my crafting into the level 55ish area (even tough i have level 60 crafting.)  I can now see why world of warcraft was much easier was because they had enough quests where you could just outlevel everything, here not the case. At some point I would like to see my current character level  (give or take a few) actually winning an instance at or around the same level as my charater as in wow you couldnt do that.
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