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Account Compromised

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,101

Warning if you play Second Life.

Be aware that Linden Lab does not keep backup's of your inventory, and in the event your account gets compromised, or hacked in any way for any reason at all there is no way they can restore, repair, or fix your inventory. Unlike World OF Warcraft LL will not do anything about lost items.


Hello ***********,

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your account. We see that you still have access to your account and that you stated that you changed your password, is that correct?

Unfortunately, your inventory is not recoverable. We understand this is frustrating news.

We would like to provide you with some tips to keep your account and its assets secure in the future:

• It is never a good idea to share your account or password with anyone because it puts your account at risk for theft and unauthorized activity.

• Please be aware of any suspicious links or instant messages that you may receive in Second Life or via email, especially those which may claim to be sent from Linden Lab, or any that offer free or discounted L$.These may be phishing attempts to gain your account login information.

• Anytime you feel your account is at risk or was compromised, immediately change your password to something new and contact us or create a support case.

• Be sure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date.

• It is a good idea to frequently change your password. Be sure to use something strong that contains symbols and characters. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Linden Lab

Yes thats right Linden Lab removed this post from their own website because they don't want it published, too bad they can't control this site thank god. They say it was removed over a dispute and using the word f****ing pissed.

Well here it is, Linden Lab can't restore your account no matter how much money you have spent in Second Life, your account is at risk.

To keep your account from being lost incase of hack you need to make an asset box as it is the only thing that can protect you.

Basically an asset box is a single cube with more than one cube carefully labeled, and placed on your land or someone elses land never returned. If your account gets hacked or deleted, you simply go back and recover the items stored in the box, and given the fact LL will reroll land you can get your items back. I never understood this in the past, but now I do.

Linden Lab in my eyes however is a big disappointment worse than Blizzard or any other company at least Blizzard fixed my account.

On investigation I found nothing on my pc with scans that could have put this account at risk which leads to other serious questions unexplained.


  • KOOLLAYDKOOLLAYD Member UncommonPosts: 25
    Yep that sounds about right. To be honest as much money as people crap into that game it amazes me how crappy the customer service truly is. Same thing happen to my wife and her account was banned even though it was not her fault she still paid the price. Hell they had mine banned for awhile too even though my accounts were not even touched. I got mine back but was like damn. After seeing that I realized I didn't want to give them anymore of my hard earned cash. I stopped buying ingame money or paying for land and everything right on the spot. I don't play that.
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