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Need suggestion 4 a free online game

I was looking for a cool, but free online game. I would like a shooting game or cool rpg but will consider any game if you have any cool games please tell me and the website


  • BoacobBoacob Member Posts: 2
    IM looking for a game to.  I hate text based and i already have played runescape and tibia.
  • Max1muzMax1muz Member Posts: 18

    What I can think of as free game is the Ultima Online on free shards... The graphics maybe not the best, but the game is quite versatile.

  • Max1muzMax1muz Member Posts: 18

    You can find Ultima Online here:

    You need also UOGateway which is located here:
    This is for shard selection and searching.

    Good luck with adventures!

    edit: though I would say that this is wrong forum, but let moderators decide it :)

  • scottthe1scottthe1 Member Posts: 16

    2 games both fantasy RPG types kinda

    if u dont care about RPing too much and like to level lots then runescape

    graphics not too good though

    the best free fantasy RPG game in my opinion though is Rubies of Eventide

    or just download the game from

  • RivenPlagueRivenPlague Member Posts: 2

    The problem with Free Online Games (Yes weve all been on that hunt :P) is that well their free so you cant expect anything good :| If you find anything REALLY nice chances are there are tons of kids who take advantage of the game and not enough staff to take care of those kids so your gonna basically have a terrible experiance anyways. The only two ive found that werent crawling too heavily with those kind of people were 'chibby' games. One was 3-d which was worse than the other and that was R.O.S.E online. The other, i dont know how but i forget the name was 2-d and was really great but you said you wanted cool and im corny so dont listen to me >.<

    I suck at my characters.

  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102

    Erm... RayCrash isnt too bad. Its a gundam style fighting rpg but dont expect english speaking players or fast lvling :)

    KnightOnline is ok too, for a quick hacknslash as a warrior.

    And the VendettaOnline trial is ok if you go straight into combat, but its only an 8 hr trial so dont get excited.

    Gate to heaven is still free but you might find that its a grindfest.

    Not much to suggest really, free is free :(

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

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