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Puzzle Pirates on Smart Phone?

NovusodNovusod Member UncommonPosts: 911
I played YPP years ago way back in 2004 / 2005 and always though the whole concept of a puzzle based MMO was fun and innovative. Seems like the next step in innovation would be to port Puzzle Pirates to Smart Phone either Andoid or iPhone or Both. YPP is way more fun than Angry birds. This could open whole new market that could attract millions of players. Three Rings is sitting on huge gold mine and they don't even know it.


  • DreadToothDreadTooth Member UncommonPosts: 150

    Grey Havens, LLC. took over ownership of Puzzle Pirates. The player base has been pushing for a mobile app, but due to the ability to completely play the pc/web versions of the game free without ever having to pay a fee (trading game currently for special currency to buy badges to access all parts of the game, instead of paying a subscription or buying special currency) limits their ability to properly fund a mobile app team. Also, due to the game format's current reliance on Java, porting the web version into a webpage loading app would be highly unlikely.

    However, despite this, I still find the time to use my laptop to play Puzzle Pirates with the free client install. Seriously though, even a dumbed-down mobile app for Android would be awesome!

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