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The Role of all Evil

AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

Roleplaying in an MMO is not necessarily about the game itself. The game is nothing more than an elaborate setting. People can roleplay with a deck of playing cards to be as crude as I care to get. The role of a roleplayer deals with the ability to use your imagination. It is a very powerful weapon.

In many MMOGs there are RP Servers. If you think the game is something that suits your taste, then try an RP Server out for a week, or even two weeks before you throw your hands up and walk away from a truly wonderful story that you control. I have personally logged into my favorite RP Server (game) and spent three days with nothing but the starter gear on my back. I do this often to get a feel for the community, as well as, to create the initial immersion roleplayers develop.

If you want to roleplay, you should first find a game you enjoy that supports RP. Second, take your time.... Watch the chat channels for guilds who are recruiting or people who might need you to start a guild. Decide to maintain your role and persona  so that others know you by more than just your name... actions speak louder than words.

People think that roleplayers avoid endgame or do not pvp, but that is just a misconception laid out by those who fear the unknown. Be adventurous and keep looking for that guild or group or player whom you might find as interesting as they find you. 


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