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Best free pvp mmorpg?



I played COnquer Online for like 8 years and decided to quit a half year ago.

Due to that i became too much addicted to free pvp system where you can kill another player and take his loot lol


So my question is, uh, what mmorpg (releases in 2012 or well 2011 at most) provides free pvp system?

I mean really free pvp with loot, not like in RF Online or other games with free pk other races/alliances/.../ on free pvp maps that are fat away from your home city :)

I tried alot of mmorpgs and could not find anything for myself... an ideal mmorpg for me would be with anime graphics, 2d or 3d it does not really matter... a game that allows to kill another player from early levels or so on

So what mmo would you suggest to try?

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