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Any Europeans playing SWG?

-=MSP=--=MSP=- Member Posts: 2


I was wondering if there are any europeans out there playing SWG! Is it possible? Or can only US people play?

Is the overal connection to the servers good or are there many lags? And how about the number of people online (different times and so on...)?

Is there free playing time included when u buy the game?




  • milumilu Member Posts: 37

    I am from Sweden and I am playing. Just import it. No problem.

    There is some issues with the game atm. Most important is lack of content if you ask me.

    There is a lot of whining (big surprise..). And the lag is always one of the issues.  I 've no problem with lag, but ppl missuse the word lag all the time...

    Check out the official forum. My suggestion is to wait some months.




  • spacedragonspacedragon Member Posts: 8

    Playing happily in America, but it seems the Canadians sure love it too.

  • VODKAVODKA Member Posts: 25
    I will soon have this game as i ordered it and yesterday i got an email saying that my order has been charged and shipped btw im from England :), so that is another European player added to the list. :)


  • SolidukeSoliduke Member Posts: 5
    hi I come from Poland and i will buy soon Star Wars Galaxies , I never play in mmorpg so it's my first do you known where i can buy SWG for the lowes price ( collector edition or not ) ?

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