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What 3 games did you waste money on in 2012?



  • MyopicMooseMyopicMoose Member UncommonPosts: 14

    Eve - Full bore open pvp with no segregation between new players and long term players is not a positive formula that supports the potential success of a new player

    GW2 - Rouge and lipstick on a pig.  All available abilities are learned in the first couple hours of play, after that it's a gear grind, and not a very interesting one at that

    D3 - I'm sorry, i can't put together any rational comments currently that adequately describes how poor this one is...   All i can say is, if you've experienced it yourself, you'll know how i feel.


  • pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 560



    30 or 40$ at launch ......  (so embaressed...)

  • PsychowPsychow Member Posts: 1,784

    The people saying D3 because they got bored with the shallow game after a couple hundred hours are freaking stupid. Same for GW2 for the same reasons.


    If you got 20+ hours of enjoyment from any game, you got your money's worth.

  • redcappredcapp Member Posts: 722

    Diablo 3, but I got a refund


    Torchlight 2.  Don't understand the hype.


    GW2 I am bored with, however I did play it for longer than most MMOs in recent memory, so I'll say it was worth the box price.



  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member UncommonPosts: 696

    LOL these 3 games is exactly the same games i also hate to have payd for :D 

    - BF3

    - D3

    - GW2



  • InFlamestwoInFlamestwo Member Posts: 662


  • IgorchtIgorcht Member UncommonPosts: 82
    I didn't buy many games in 2012, and the only one I bought that I consider a waste of money is Guild Wars 2. Unbelievably disappointing game.

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  • banzai014banzai014 Member Posts: 27
    Originally posted by denshing
    TSW lifetime sub...

    If only picard had a clip of him putting a gun in his mouth, that would sum up my feelings regarding that purchase.

  • PyukPyuk Member UncommonPosts: 762

    Games I wish I never spent money on because I think they are poop:

    1. SWTOR (yes, came out in 2011, but since I paid a sub through February, desperatly trying to like it, I'll count it for 2012)
    2. Diablo 3
    3. Mists of Pandaria (Irritates me to no end whenever I see a "BEST EXPANSION YET!" ad for this simpleton turd)
    4. GW2 (got maybe 3 weeks of moderate entertainment. Not $60 worth, though)
    5. Deus Ex Human Revolution (The original still is the best and one of my all time favorites. This one couldn't hold it's jock strap)

    I make spreadsheets at work - I don't want to make them for the games I play.

  • azzamasinazzamasin Member UncommonPosts: 3,103

    Borderlands 2

    Torchlight 2

    War Z


    Really bad decisions there and every one bought on some others review.  Now I also bought, GW2 and TSW this year and both have been great investments.  TSW for the story and solid 2 months of playtime which I eventually might go back too.  GW2 I still play, I am working on my 3rd level 80 and still loving every minute Im in game.  In fact this playthough (on my guardian) feels more fun because its slightly less crowded and there appears more events are taking place.


    Sandbox means open world, non-linear gaming PERIOD!

    Subscription Gaming, especially MMO gaming is a Cash grab bigger then the most P2W cash shop!

    Bring Back Exploration and lengthy progression times. RPG's have always been about the Journey not the destination!!!


  • iceman00iceman00 Member Posts: 1,363

    2012 was a light year for purchasing new games.  Although the ones I bought I didn't like for the most part.


    TOR and ME3 were an absolute waste of money. 

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 28,747

    legend of grimrock.

    not because I think it was necessarily a bad game, I like a lot of elements. It just didn't draw me back after the first bit of play.

  • SuprGamerXSuprGamerX Member Posts: 531

    D3 and that's it.

    Bought Torchlight 2 , and still having alot of fun on it.

    Pre ordered End of Nations , but got refunded this week because Petroglyph has postponed open beta / official release dates.

    And I resubbed to EVE-Online , and boy does it feel good!! :)

  • NevulusNevulus Member UncommonPosts: 1,288

    Cities XL 2012

    Diablo 3

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 10,234
    Originally posted by Psychow

    The people saying D3 because they got bored with the shallow game after a couple hundred hours are freaking stupid. Same for GW2 for the same reasons.


    If you got 20+ hours of enjoyment from any game, you got your money's worth.

    Well you should enjoy the releases this year. 


    I want my mmorpgs to give me more than 20 hours of enjoyment. More than 200 hundred hours for that matter.


    If  I wanted games with short life spans I would still be playing console games.

  • MithrandolirMithrandolir Member UncommonPosts: 1,701

    The only game that I would consider a complete waste of my money was TSW.

    Not blaming Funcom though, I beta tested and second guessed my feelings and bought it anyway... completely my fault.


  • YizleYizle Member Posts: 517

    The only one I would call a waste of my money is D3


    I still enjoy GW2 when I get on as I didn't burn myself out on it and enjoy TL2. Same for ME3, Skyrim and many others. still actively subbed on EQ2 for about 3 mos now. And this last weekend I picked up about 6 more games from the big Steam sale. Didn't waste my time or money on SWTOR or TSW after I did the beta for those.

  • Adhesive33Adhesive33 Member UncommonPosts: 227

    Amazing to see the same games mentioned over and over again. Here are mine:


    Torchlight II 

    Diablo 3 



    *A heads-up to anyone feeling let down by the ARPG's released this year; check out Path of Exile. It's far and away the best ARPG since Diablo II. 

  • MyriaMyria Member UncommonPosts: 699

    GW2 -- My own fault, I played beta and knew what to expect, so was going to stay away. But some friends convinced me to get it so we could play together. They didn't last a week, I didn't last two.

    D3 -- Unlike most here, I think it's a great game and maybe I'll get back to it someday and feel I got my money's worth. Unfortunately the person I played so many hours of D2 with, my sister, doesn't have as much time to play as she thought she would and I've never been thrilled with ARPGs solo, so it sits on my drive unplayed.

    Uncharted 1/2/3 -- Yeah, late to the party here, but I'm mostly an Xbox girl when it comes to consoles and just got a PS3 a few months ago. Figured I'd pick up the Uncharted series when I bought it, because they're so highly rated and sounded like action/adventure games of yore. Wow, what a dissapointment. Nice production values, but otherwise horrible. Plots are laughably predictable and boring, Combat is loose and inconsistent, aiming sucks even for a console game, endless waves of the same mobs gets real old real fast (how the hell did they get over 9,000 pirates on that little island no one has gone to in centeries, anyway?), puzzles are few, far between, and childishly simple, platforming elements just feel "wrong" somehow, like they were ripped from Jak and Daxter and don't belong in games trying to be semi-photorealistic, and the random inclusion of the occasional QTE is annoying as hell.

  • pl3dgepl3dge Member UncommonPosts: 183

    I had to think about this for a while..


    1. RIFT: Storm Legion - It was tough for me to put this on this list because I actually realy like RIFT, but this expansion was a let down for me. The leveling is the most boring repetative experience I have had in an MMO in quite a long time. The HP for random quest mobs is way higher than it should be, 20 mob kill quests every 20 feet you walk and really long queue times for dungeons. I liked the new classes and dungeons when I finally managed to get a group.


    2. Counter Strike Global Offensive - Umm, what was this? I paid for a very very slight graphics upgrade of CSS with like 1-2 new maps that sucked balls.


    3. Guild Wars 2 - I don't need to repeat whats already been said in here. awful, just awful.


  • YizleYizle Member Posts: 517
    Originally posted by Adhesive33

    Amazing to see the same games mentioned over and over again. Here are mine:


    Torchlight II 

    Diablo 3 



    *A heads-up to anyone feeling let down by the ARPG's released this year; check out Path of Exile. It's far and away the best ARPG since Diablo II. 

    I play POE also and it is a great game but to say its far and away better then TL2 I would have to disagree completely. Both are great games.

  • DzoneDzone Member UncommonPosts: 371

    I only purchased 2 games this year


    1.LOTR (i know it came out several years ago, but i always wanted to try it, then quit after a few months when GW 2 came out


    2. GW 2 ( Played it for a month and a half and hit a roadblock after i got my exotic gear, stoped playing it then.


    Now i had an erge to play sims 3 again, playing that atm and hoping ffxiv RR will hook me this time.


    So ye i dont buy games as much as i used to, and when i do they tend to be older games (more than a year old), which reminds me i still havn't played kingdom hearts 1 and 2, and a guy recomended those to me at work... but my ps3 isnt backwards compatable, kinda screwes up playing old games on it :(

  • Skooma2Skooma2 Member UncommonPosts: 697

    1. Rift

    2. TERA

    3.  I don't buy many games.  I suppose continuing my subscription on LotRO for the first 6 months of the year.



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  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,074

    Originally posted by Zeppelin4
    All triple A mmo's over the last 8 years since Wow. The worst of the three would be Warhammer, EQ2, Swtor.

    EQ2 released before WoW.

  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030
    The only games I bought this year were Mass Effect 3 and GW2, and neither purchase remotely resembles a waste.  
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