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New game called Vitare

Hi I would like to state the following before I post I am not anything to do with Vitares company or a volunteer just a fan of the game called Vitare currently in production.

here is the text from the Vitare website explaining the game:



Welcome to Vitare!

Vitare is an upcoming 3D virtual world currently in development, which will be available to play for free. Once Vitare is released, players will have the ability to create theirselves or alternate persona, build the perfect house or business with powerful architectural tools, explore a world created by the imagination of it’s players and meet new people through social interactions and more – the possibilities are endless in Vitare. The only limitation is your imagination.

When Can I Play?

Vitare is still under heavy development, so you can not currently play the game. However, we invite you to join our community through a variety of ways to assist with the development. Stop by the Vitare Forums and chat with new people, post an idea on Vitare Blueprints and it’ll be considered for the game – since we encourage community participation during the development of Vitare, or you can find us on Facebook and Twitter where you’ll be the first to know about the latest news and be shown some exclusive previews!


I noticed this game is not included in the mmorpg site list of games in production.


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