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my mmorpg idea makenank-online

hi i have an idea!! everywhone can be in it. it can be a work on 3 months to 1 year work and we need

twho graphicks men who do woods grass and that

one who specialises on water

2 modeler to make 3d graphicks!

one site moderator and one who can build a site we can have it on

four programers

two texture mens '

three mappers

one who are good to make cars boats space ships and graphick effects!

email me if you want to be in it

i have two ideas what it can be the first it be in the future two races are in war and you choose side and you can build from little houses to big citys in a own place you can set out to the world .

other idea you beginn in the future and a pair of timematchines you can come to other time states and other can build a time and send it to the team and they set in it

aah its three the third many spaceships and you can land on planets and go out and build there and find it at home

email the idea you think is best if you want to be in this project and how you want it to cost!


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