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ToS clarification please?

brian72282brian72282 Member UncommonPosts: 783

I know private servers for games are not allowed to be discussed here (as I flame anyone posting them), but what about games that have been closed? Two come to mind off hand. PSO (Phantasy Star Online) and Earth and Beyond. Since the game servers are officially down and the companies are not running them anymore, would discussion of private servers for these games be allowed? I ask only because I never got the opportunity to play it (PSO) since when it came out originally it was for Dreamcast only, then they put it on the PC and GC, but I didn't get it in time :( Not to mention I don't have a GC either. Anyways, this is more towards the staff and not other members of the community, but feel free to add your comments anyways :)


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    Hehe, next time write this to them in a email.  image


    If they say yes, then you bring it here.  image

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  • jimothypetrojimothypetro Member Posts: 1,437

    I would love to be able to talk about free servers for games that are closed... Motor City Online, for one, I would love to find a free server for. :)


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  • brian72282brian72282 Member UncommonPosts: 783

    I didn't know any way to contact the whole slew of staff we have here, so I figured this would be the easiest way.

  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358
    Its ok to talk about it if it is legal. Considering EA said it will not ever sell the source code for EnB, any servers that are private are considered illegal. 
  • brian72282brian72282 Member UncommonPosts: 783

    Gratuitous self bump :P
    Second page in a few hours is unacceptable :P

  • TigerReiTigerRei Member UncommonPosts: 141

    I dont think it's legal, even if they're closed. It's more due to the fact that they still legally own the property, and using it without their consent is a violation of copyright regulations. Still....I would love to play E&B again, or try Motor City Online, which I never got the chance to.

  • HyoukanHyoukan Member Posts: 307
    You're talking about PSO? Phantasy Star Online? It's not closed, infact PSO:Blust Burst for PC will be out in april I think.
  • kishekishe Member UncommonPosts: 2,010

    I'd say as long as the company holds rights to the game and hasn't released the game "freely available"'s illegal.

  • brian72282brian72282 Member UncommonPosts: 783

    Originally posted by Hyoukan
    You're talking about PSO? Phantasy Star Online? It's not closed, infact PSO:Blust Burst for PC will be out in april I think.

    The original one is closed. The GC and DC ones are closed, hense why I was curious if we could discuss private ones here.

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