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Eternal Dominion


As a guild Eternal has progressed and evolved through many hardships and tough times to become what it is today. We are a close-knit community, more like a family within the guild. We welcome all players, casuals included to our guild. We expect from each and every members the respect back that we give them. Representing the Eternal name with maturity and professionalism is important as well; We like to portray our name well throughout the server and do not wish to start problems with anyone.


We also are welcoming casual members into the guild. A community wouldn't be a community without members who are there simply for the atmosphere, and family! We have many members who simply hang out, fill in raids, and pug pvps within the guild because they love the community that we've built and achieved through everything that we've been through. Eternal, through it's hardships, has grown into an amazing place to be, and an overall great, and knowledgeable community of gamers.


If you find yourself interested in joining the community, feel free to message anyone in game to ask for more information, or simply fill out an application at our website here.

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