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Lunentia - MMORPG

Well, thats the site. I'm not sure what the games about or how to register, if it's in open-beta, if it's p2p, or anything about it really. ::::02:: I'm kind of posting to find out about the game. I tried translating the site but most of it is flash encrypted and cannot be translated since its a graphic. If you guys who can decipher Korean decide to check it out, please post about it here. Anyway, from the looks of the site, it seems like another ROSE or Holy Beast Online. Im excited!!! Please help figure this "Lunentia" out!




EDIT: New Screenshots I just found:


  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    Hot, hott backround. I must say.

    As you said, kinda looks like ROSE online, but hey, I could use another one of those. nice post there matey. only problem is reading the website::=^~::

  • ShingenShingen Member Posts: 40

    Yea no problem I try to find good games for a variety of players. But yea the problem is deciphering the site. I want to get in there and play, but I'll need a translator to forge a guide on how to registrate.

  • ShingenShingen Member Posts: 40

    !!!!! READ THIS!!!! err can you please delete this post. this was an accident. i meant to start a new thread not reply =/ sorry bout this..

    Im sorry for creating another thread after just making one on Lunentia, but this is irrelevant to the topic, so editing or double posting is somewhat pointless. I think a lot of you guys may be interested, hopefully, so here goes:

    Browsing through some games, I found this:

    TS Online

    - English Open Beta, yes ENGLISH Open Beta begins soon sometime in late April to early May. Beta registrations started and will last through the 24th of April. The English server is based in Cebu, Philippines, but being an American Filipino, born and raised in New York, I know enough about Filipinos to say that they speak fluent English, as most of you also probably know.

    Anyway, I hope this is helpful to some of you guys out there looking for a new MMORPG to enjoy. I know I'm looking forward to it after recently quitting Tantra, R.O.S.E., and Ragnarok, plus other not-so-great games.

    Enjoy!! ::::31::::::31::::::31::

    !!!!! READ THIS!!!! err can you please delete this post

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