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  • olepiolepi Member EpicPosts: 2,425
    Originally posted by VengeSunsoar
    Originally posted by olepi

    I came back to Vanguard recently, and am having a lot of fun. What I like about it:

    - open world, zero instancing. Nothing on "rails".

    - vast amount of content. There are many dungeons and areas for each level.

    - good crafting and diplomacy mini-games

    - there's a decent amount of people now, I see players LFG of all levels.

    I get a bit of lag, but nothing to be a problem. Game hasn't crashed on me. It's a fun, old-school MMORPG.

     The quests in VG directed me from quest hub to quest hub just like WoW.  Rest I can generally agree with except the lag.

    Not all of them are like that, though. I remember roaming around, and finding a dungeon that is actually a fighting stadium. You can get a full set of armor by completing their quests. No other quest ever sent me there.

    There is so much content, that you could level several characters to 50, without repeating anything.

    2023: 46 years on the Net.

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592
    Originally posted by dogdersROC

    I am paying a sub to play, but I cant recommend the game to anybody in good faith. There are more bugs/typos/incomplete quests/zones than any mmorpg I have ever played. I am dead serious bout that. It has the overall feel of a very unpolished gem that you know will not get much love in the future.

    The above sums up my own issues with the game. It has a lot of the core needed to be a really fantastic MMORPG, but unfortunately its lack of polish is so severe it makes it difficult to simply enjoy the game.


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