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Hacks Already, and known bugs for those who can't play.

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,147

1. This game has hacks already, out of every person I played with I have seen one specific person in game with a all capital name, and the dude always almost 100% accuracy with a sniper rifle, and not only this but his bullets were going through walls, and he was somewhat laggy, out of over 30+ players he was the only one?

Either that or he has some serious head tracking gear which I doubt.

Didn't appear to have walls just aimbot.

2. Common Bugs.

1. You can't login to the game after activation of your account?

Solution is likely a bug with passwords, if you have any Capital letters in your password the game cleint will not accept them for some reason, the solution is to change your password all lower case, and numbers.

2. Settings bug, for some reason resolutions are not all supported in 4:3 etc.

1280X1024 for example is missing my dual monitors support it, and settings do not stay saved so if you change another setting you have to change them all back again.

User Name is also case sensitive from what you signed up with.

These are the two biggest bugs that will stop you from getting into the game.

The company has not provided any forum to report bugs on or any way to report bugs to my knowledge, also to my knowledge I was not requried to accept any NDA or agreement when I register the account yesterday.

Hopefully they will have by tomorrow or something the ability to report otherwise no point in playing a game in Beta  at least not for beta testing purposes if we can't do our job and report bugs.


  • StormbowStormbow Member UncommonPosts: 201
    One-hit kill hack confirmed.  I have seen 4 people using it in the last hour I've played.
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