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Glitch Closing Down...

DraronDraron Member Posts: 993

It's a sad day in Ur...



  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Member Posts: 713

    Never played butupon reading your link I saw "automatic refunds for recent purchases will be runfunded immediatley" and "other purchases will need to be done manually"-

    WOW. Sounds like he company was really on the up and up. Too bad.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    That's a shame, the game was neat in it's own special way

  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 5,926
    never heard of it. their sounds are really fluid though. I kinda like them.


  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 256

    Good guy Tiny Speck:
    "We are offering refunds for all purchases made since November 1st, 2011"

    I actually returned to Glitch not so long ago to see a lot of positive changes. This is the only browser game that I played this long. :/


  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Member UncommonPosts: 604
    it was a very unique game.  Not really for me but it was different. And i applaud them for that
  • KenzeKenze Member UncommonPosts: 1,217

    aww, shucks.. where will i find another game that will let me milk butterflies, squeeze chickens and harvest Bubble tress. :(

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  • Laughing-manLaughing-man Member UncommonPosts: 3,640
    i actually had quite a few friends who played this game, they tried to get me to play.  Well, its not a horrible game, I had some fun for a few hours but I had the feeling it wasn't for me at that point and never logged back in.  I think its a shame it didnt' find its audience.
  • lotapartylotaparty Member Posts: 514
    oh my god .so sad this game has always been my home .i played it from time to time when i was bored of other games . shredding tears . "

    Why can't you just _______________?

    If there was a way to make it work, we would make it work. But there is not. We've been through this from all angles, over and over and over. We've shed tears, and we will probably shed some more ... but Glitch is over."


  • RoxtarrRoxtarr Member Posts: 1,122
    Well this ruined my day :( So sad to see this one go.  I wish I would have played this more now.

    If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.

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