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Thinking of coming back to L2

ChrisJerichoChrisJericho Member Posts: 11
In november of last year I stopped playing L2 because I got a real good offer for my account (lvl 44 warsmith). I then started playing EQ2 witch im still playing and still enjoy. But I recently have been thinking about going back to L2 and have a few questions that someone may be able to answer.
How will starting a new character be like at this stage of L2? Have they added new newbie quests or newbie areas since november of last year? Will i be alone in the newbie areas? How have the chronicles been since november? And last but not least, how is L2 generally doing these days?


  • culley65culley65 Member Posts: 77

    I have been playing L2 ALOT lately. I just hit level 36 (and im still loving it!)

    When I started (a few weeks back) there were a good ammount of people still on the newbie island starting up, the major problem with this though is they are all twinked (ebay or alt) and would solo really quick without much need of a group.

    As far as quests go, there are a few more but alot of them are aimed at higher lvls then the starting areas.

    The chronicles are nice, and the 3rd one is due out soon with some GREAT additions! if you look at you can see what is coming =)

    L2 is still L2, there are still bots, there are still loads of PKers and there is still an unbelievably un-balanced language barrier (90% of the players can barely speak english well)

    After all of this I think L2 is still a great game, I got into a fairly small and tight clan wich I am enjoying..and really have not gotten bored of it yet.

    But if you can get through that, get a nice clan I think L2 is extrememly fun!


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