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Tired of Guild Shopping? Join [Grievance] !



  • NionyaNionya Member UncommonPosts: 75
    Hey! Me again! Grievance is still actively recruiting. If you are looking for a mature, laid back, helpful guild come check us out! 

    Register for our forums and head to our ESO chapter forum when your account is activated for more info! 
  • NionyaNionya Member UncommonPosts: 75
    Grievance is an active group of helpful folks who would love to add more to their roster. 

    If you are in the need of a group who can help you along the way, raid, pvp, hang out on Discord and just have a great time we are definitely the guild for you! 

    Check out to register and leave a short introduction on the ESO forum to join! 

    Another cool thing about Grievance is we area multi game organization, so we have an active presence in many of the MMO's on the market today, which you can also play in! Come check us out!
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