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AO my first Mmorpg ...

mistmakermistmaker Member UncommonPosts: 321

bring ao 2 plz!

just a few changes

swg crafting and ressource gathering
overequipping without any limits again
updated graphics ofc
different mission system

and just some tweaks here and there

my best mmorpg would be a mix of swg, ao and ... you wont believe ... aoc

ofc crafting swg
economy swg
classes and skills and progression system ao
dynamic combat and animations aoc (my best open world pvp experience ever)
item system mixed. i liked the idea of swg, there for example you didnt have the best armor or weapon, just either average good in all kind of protection, or specialiced. that combined with the crafting and ressource system and item decay ... great

and most important: social gameplay! people who prefer to solo all content should be the minority and group hopping too. i miss the days you stayed together with random people for hours doing stuff together and chatting!


  • XsonicXsonic Member UncommonPosts: 93
    I had good memories with AO back in the day. I spent over 2 years as a fr00b starting around 05'
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