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The Lucky Streak - Nov 9 2012

DraronDraron Member Posts: 993

Taken from the Glitch blog:



The Lucky Streak

The Feat The Lucky Streak has wrapped up — that was fun! And all those Glitches streaking around the world unlock a fair few fun new things.

Like, for example: new “social scraping” mechanics for ice harvestingin Nottis. Now, when more than one player scrapes at the same time, each gets several bonus chunks of ice (the more people working together, the larger the bonus for all).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To get down to bottom, you’ll have to make your way to …


Shim Shiri

See those six sleeping dinosaur heads? They are your portal to quickly hop from one end of Ur to the other (via some perfectly safe digestive tubing). You will find these six heads in Cinnabar Chibe in KloroHazy Gate 3 in Xalanga,Tambra Tiss in KalavanaIndulcet Fames in BalzareTeobocci Shasha inSura and Buna Belt in Tamila.

Of course, to get from one to the other, you’ll need to pass through the interchange, and that is Shim Shiri. And that means … well, have a look for yourself:

Worth noting: The transportation system here is straight from the mind of our resident bizarre-idea-humorously-captioned-machine Keita Takahashi. Because? Because leaping through dinosaur guts is “more fun and more crazy” than taking a subway.

* * *


Hi Sign Evasion Records

The Daily Hi-SkipperWe now keep daily records for the longest time any player is able to evade one of the floating Hi Signs emitted when another player says hi for the first time. Each location has its own record and if you set it, there’s a little something for you.

And, if you set many of them, there are even some new achievements for you, like the Daily Hi Skipper (the related achievements are all listed on that page).

* * *



Last, but not least, another Takahashian twist: new train outfits, perfectly suited for follow-me parades (or earning the Glitch Train achievement).

We’ve kept the prices low so everyone can afford to join in on the fun for these. (And there are more vehicles and “chaining” costumes coming, along with improvements to the smoothness of following).

Not bad for a one day Feat!

* * *, thrown in on account of the Supermegabonus Goal having been reached, we’ve also increased the stack sizes of all types of herb and pumpkin seeds to 50, which means much more room for the gardeners AND added a new upgrade which increases your yield for both solo- and social-scraping of ice nubbins.)



Not a bad week for Glitch.

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