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Trying to get some support for an indy graphic novel.

If you're interested in following a graphic novel from the early stages to completion, you can head over to http://www.facebook.com/PariahPressComics and give us a like. We'll be posting concept art and story previews once or twice a day each week day.

The story has steampunk and fantasy elements. I intended the story to be a novel or trilogy of books but the guy who is doing the art work made a pretty compelling argument as to why it would make a good graphic novel. He actually wanted to do another of my stories but I told him that I wanted that to be a novel because it was my baby. After working with him on this story I told him that if this story gets some solid reception that we can do the other story that he was interested in. He drew concept art for the other story first and it's really good.

Anyway, the story we're doing first is called Guns of the Heretic. Check out the concept pieces that we've posted and read the descriptions for some spoiler free story exposition. Feedback is encourage as the concepts are not finalized yet. We'll be doing color in pencil and then a graphic design guy will be adding glossy digital stuff to the effects which will hopefully give the piece a distinct visual style. We'll be sending a hi-rez of our poster concept to the graphic design artist this weekend and will hopefully have a finished piece to showcase next week.

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