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Graphics vs Gameplay, which do you prefer?



  • hapwnedhapwned Member Posts: 221

    Originally posted by Iragael

    While sweet graphics are very nice, gameplay is far more important.
    The gameplay is the core of any game (the meat if you will), the graphics, while being important, are like gravy.
    Frankly, i've been keeping my eyes peeled for a sweet game that will have me hooked for a long time, with a good balance of questing, crafting, fighting and some tactical and strategy aspect.

    You'll want to keep an eye on Gods and Heroes then, coming out at the end of the year. Tactical fighting is the coolest.

    --Ha, Pwned--
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    Waiting on: Gods and Heroes

  • tim6043tim6043 Member Posts: 4

    I only play games that have decent graphics that are fun, I hate games that look really horrible it just makes it look boring, which makes it boring.  You have to have decent graphics to enjoy a game.  Not in all cases but 90% of the time it is true.

  • evilfixxevilfixx Member Posts: 80

    Ok, I'm going to use a non-MMO as an example. Six years ago, Half Life came out. It was and is considered one of the best games ever released. Right before Half Life 2 was released, people were in awe of the new graphics that the game contained. If you look at some of the Half Life forums though, you'll notice most people just wanted to know what Gordon Freeman was up to and how the story would progress. The graphics were another thing entirely though, and while unbeilevable, the storyline still drove fans to the game in droves. The physics engine was top notch, hell, some people thought Alyx was a hottie for a computer generated woman (my wife smacked me in the head when she noticed the crosshairs were on her ass) but still in the end everyone longed for what happes next. There are lots of websites devoted to the story of Half-Life, CS, Hafl Life 2, Blue Shift, and Oppsing Force, most have the storyline and where each game fits in. Gameplay, the story that drives the game, and good Graphics, if done in combination, will cause you to not consider one over the other, but enjoy them both equally.


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