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100% worth trying! Best F2P ever!

Playing this game several days for now and im really enjoing it!

Well it actually lacks players population but its just due to bad advertising.

I was looking for some F2P experience several months untill i found this game.

There are some bugs though but it recently came out of betta so there will be updates for sure.


- 8 classes (4 main, after 10lvl u choose from 2 specialities) good skill system.

- not grinding gameplay. Well there are quests for killing certain amount of mobs, but they are not so boring like in asian style mmorpg, u just have to kill 10-15 mobs but not 1000 or sometyhing like that.

- good quest system. Its actually intresting, u dont have to kill mobs every time, there are quests to escort npc, gather some resourses, craft something, transform into a mob and infiltrate their camp, e.t.c In general a good variety! Also u have main storyline quest line + sub quests.

- intresting dungeons with bosses. They actually good desined. Although they are instanced but nevertheless quite fun.

- good graphics. Well its not a GW2 offcourse, but the graphics is quite good for F2P, u have no feeling like you plaing minecraft for sure. The animation of players, skills and mobs is also very good.

-flying mounts! Even a dragon! Yeahh! Moreover they have their own gear and able to attack mobs.



- low population. Its really hard to find a party due to low player base and its really lonely :(

-some bugs. Some gear is bugged and not rendered right. Sometimes game freezes for several seconds. But this is all i`ve noticed for a week of playing.

- not all features are working for now.  Not all regional wars, wich are fun by the way, are working at the moment but developers actually fixing this.

-item shop. It really punishes non paying players, but its F2P what you expected?


In general the overal gameplay reminds me early WoW, same gear system, crafting and quests, but its not bad at all.

I think this game definately worth trying, moreover its free to download so why not to try it?

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