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Gaming guild based on player motivations?

angus858angus858 Member UncommonPosts: 380

I can enjoy any mmorpg if I'm playing with people who share my motivations for gaming.  But I've never been in a guild which formally attempted to define itself this way.  I'm not sure if any exist.  Most guilds say their goal is "having fun" but that means little when people derive fun from totally different play styles.  Even attempts to classify guilds as RP, pvp, etc seem to have a very broad range of motivations in my experience.

I'm not saying that's bad.  I'm just wondering if any guilds have attempted to use psychology of player motivation as an organizing principle.  Tools for measuring player motivations have been around since the Bartle Test.  The best I have yet seen is available at

Would you join a guild that asked you to take such a test as a condition of joining?

What if the requirements for admission were, for example, that you must score 70% or higher in one area of motivation and less than 30% in some other particular area.  Would you shy away from such a guild or look at it as a quick and easy way to see how well you would "fit in" with that guild?

Do you know of any active guild which uses a gaming psychology test as a recruitment screening tool?

This is of more than academic interest to me.  My own motivations are highly polarized: 96% Immersion, 22% social, 2% achievement.  Or ESA on the Bartle Test. 


  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    I would join a guild that required such a test, but I don't think that the kind of guilds that would require testing would take me. It would seem to me that achievement oriented guilds would be the ones most likely to use a test to weed out potential applicants. I'm not sure that you'd really be able to tell whether or not someone would fit in based on an impersonal quiz, but I am sure someone, somewhere will think it is a good idea.

    I think it would be fair to say that if you were trying to limit casual guildchat banter, my results on the daedalus project motivation assessment would keep you from recruiting me. My motivations: Achievement 60%. Socializing 97%. Immersion 84%.

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • DekothDekoth Member Posts: 474

    Interesting test. As to would I join a guild that required a test such as this to join? more then likely not as Its doubtful the type of guild that interest's me would actually care about something like this. I think my stats will pretty much sum up why.

    Your Achievement percentile rank is 100%. Your Socializing percentile rank is 3%. And your Immersion percentile rank is 56%.  Its pretty obvious what type of gamer I am.

  • ObakeObake Member Posts: 25

    I answered the questions on the motivation section, but I don't understand how to compute them. Can someone please help me out?

    I've been following the Daedalus Project for a few months now and I highly recommend every mmo player reads the entire site. I've learned a great deal about mmo communities and myself through it.

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    I've seen plenty of guilds in many games that cater to various aspects of the Bartle Quotient.

    I've seen plenty of guilds formed around the idea of being the "best" on the server...thus catering to the Achiever type.

    I've seen plenty of Exploration guilds, guilds that map entire areas and generally know every nook and cranny in a gaming world.

    There are, of course, plenty of Social guilds...most guilds are in this category by default, and some guilds emphasize the point.

    There are also a whole lot of Killer guilds, specifically on PvP-centric games or games with a strong PvP element.

    Perhaps they do not call themselves by the familiar Bartle Quotient letters, but they absolutely tend to focus themselves toward a certain kind of gameplay.

  • NeikenNeiken Member Posts: 254

    Most great guilds/clans are those who play many games. Meaning these are groups of people that have been playing together for afew years. The only problem is these are usually the hardest to find/join since they dont just let anyone in.

    This has been my problem, i dont know many people that play games, internet or otherwise, that are personal friends. So it would be hard to start a group like that. But if your lucky to join one, stick with it.

    Another thing, these groups usually move from game to game. So when you join they might be playing one MMO, but then they decide to move to another one for various reasons. Leaving you screwed if you dont care for whichever game their moving to...


  • ObakeObake Member Posts: 25

    Could someone please help me find out how to find out my percentages? I'm very anxious trying to find out!

    EDIT: hahah stupid me. I neglected to find an article titled "Motivations Assessment"

    Your Achievement percentile rank is 99%. Your Socializing percentile rank is 23%. And your Immersion percentile rank is 19%.

  • kb4blukb4blu Member UncommonPosts: 717

    I have been in guilds in AO, EQ I, EQ II, UO, SWG, AC, AC2, EVE, and others. In some games they are not called guilds but anyway one thing I have noticed that most have in common is they cater to a small portion of the members.

    Notice I said most.

    It seems that a small clique forms in the guild and they ignore everyone else.  This clique is usually made up of the leaders and a select few.

    I would say most of the motivation that guilds have is to help a select few ( usually power gamers) and the heck with everyone else.

    So if you are in a guild that looks after all its members be glad. As I have found this type of guild to be very rare.

    Greed is the prime motivation.

    I have given up on guilds.


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