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Character and NPC info Faq

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With this post i aim as Derium did with land ownership to provide info on your character and all the others of the world of Greed Monger. Here i will compile questions and answers related to characters, monsters, and npcs. Lets get started with what we do know.


You will also need to eat and drink in GreedMonger to get everything out of your player character, and to Fast travel using maps.

One Character per account [

Animals Only Drop Materials To Craft Items, Not Finished Items. 

Only Humans will be playable races.

Player Written Lore Based On Adventures (Amazing tales will be told and submitted by players and guilds alike. These stories may be selected as part of the official Greed Monger Cannon) 

Full Player Driven Economy (Auction system will only be used for Estate Sales. Weapons, Armor and other items will be sold person to person only.) 

There will be Community Events 

Player Written Lore Based On Adventures (Amazing tales will be told and submitted by players and guilds alike. These stories may be selected as part of the official Greed Monger Cannon) 


Q:Can I have NPC vendors selling my wares in my house or shop?


A Yup! The number will be based on your Merhcant skill  

Q:What's this I'm hearing about Dev Controlled Monsters?


A:Well, let's just say that every once in a while, you may find yourself chatting it up with someone that may not be what they seem. If they happen to morph into a giant demon or monster and attack everyone around you, killing it may just fill the pockets of everyone around...but it wont be easy to kill any one of the Gods of Greed Monger. 

Q:What do NPC's do in Greed Monger?


A:Some will tell you stories of the past, others may tell you riddles that lead you to possible rare materials. 

Q:What kind of Chat System will Greed Monger have?


A:We feel strongly that MMORPG games of today have stripped the sense of community out of MMO's. The global chat channels and auction houses have stripped the personal connection from players leaving the world feeling empty, even if full of people. Greed Monger will be utilizing the Above The Head Text Display only. No global chat, no global shouting. 

Q. If the world starts empty, where will the NPCs come from? Will they be a result of player owned land?


A. In the case of larger cities ran by guilds and the like, the more properties that are built within a certain area will result in various NPC's to begin spawning in those cities with whom you will be able to interact. These NPC's are planned to evolve with the cities they reside in (but that may not happen at launch). 

Kinda off topic but still relevent to npc development. 


Let me go ahead and clarify this.

As the population grows and land parcels fill up, players will unlock the ability to travel to another planet (through a server wide event). Nothing on Earth will change at all and if you decide you want to colonize the new planet, everything you have on earth, including your money, will stay on Earth and whatever you establish or collect on the other planet will stay there as well. No cross over of items or money etc.


Two totally different worlds sharing the same mechanics but using completely different themes. It will however tie into the story that none of you are privy too yet. If any of you are familiar with the book The 12th Planet, then you'll have a basis for understanding the hidden story line in Greed Monger. [URL=""]Source[/URL]


Q:God's of Greed Monger? But I thought there was no story!


A:Oh, there is a story, you just don't know what it is yet. Bits of the story will unfold over time as the population further develops and revelations are applicable. :) 

Q: What if I own land that animals, monsters or harvest-able plant life spawn on?


A: You have two options. Either one, you can charge a gold fee for people to be able to access your land and what's on it or you can keep it all yo yourself. Just because a species of animal spawns on your land doesn't mean you'll get the rare materials from it every time you kill it. [

Q:Is there any kind of story or Lore to Greed Monger?


A:To be quite honest, what kind of Lore can be written about an empty landscape yet untouched by players? The lore of Greed Monger will be written by the players in submitted fan fiction that is submitted to us and adopted into the Greed Monger Cannon. Not even the planet has a name until the community has selected one. Some may look at this as being lazy on our end but we feel differently. The idea of Greed Monger is for all players to have a long term vested interest in the world we create. Everyone will contribute in their own way be it the yin or the yang. We are building the world from which the player will thrive and we will document it as such. 

Now on to the questions we need answered.


Are there varying stats based on gender?

Will there also be enemy Humanoid npcs which can drop gear?

Will NPCs on your land require upkeep or even pay you to live/work there?

Can Dev controlled monsters raid and destroy towns if left un checked?

Can npc monster damage my land when im offline?

Will there be a great evil to the world or just monsters in general? (Will we need to form up to stop a great lich general for an xpac for example)

Would we gain specific NPCs based on the town? Example: if we build smithing workshops, will it increase the chance of a blacksmith NPC? 

Will NPCs be able to be killed? or will they be invulnerable?

I update this every couple days or so. Depends on if i get distracted or not lol. Will add sourcer links when im not dead tired.

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