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  • LansidLansid Member Posts: 1,097

    I personally thought it'd be cool to give MOB's loot they shouldn't have had to begin with. I never had the chance to try it...

    *Bob the warrior kills the notorious Bat and loots it*

    /shout WTF is a bat doing with a rusty two handed sword?

    *Bob the warrior slays the dastardly Snake and loots it*

    /shout Why does this snake have 5 bat wings?

    *Bob the warrior destroys the very naughty Orc Pawn and loots it*

    /shout Why the hell does the Orc Pawn have 2sp and 3000cp? *Bob walks away VERY slowly*

    "There is only one thing of which I am certain, and that's nothing is certain."

    "There is only one thing of which I am certain, and that's nothing is certain."

  • millbromillbro Member Posts: 71

    Why do i have to get a Friggin 1 player game to not be killed by one mob that wonders into my backyard and SlIcEs be to BiTs.... all im saying is give your char enough power to kill 1 or 2 random mobs b4 u die to atleast live in the frontier.. u SeE wHaT i Am SaYiNg?? i still love mmorpg's but in Eq i had too twink out my char alot to make him live a little on his own.... OOOO Nooooo a Roting Zombie is comming RUN I MUST GET A GRP TO SLAY HIM!!

    LOL its dumb if u think about it....

  • Mal-JuunMal-Juun Member Posts: 47

    Without breaking the NDA...

    I can tell you that the crafting system sucks (can you say lvling treadmill just in a new way). I can tell you that if you obtain a nice weapon, then everyone will have the same weapon (everything ingame is crafted and I haven't seen anything you could call uber so far). I can tell you that combat seems to have been an after-thought, tacked on and very sad (melee hero attacks mob... melee hero attacks mob... melee hero finally swings at mob after chasing mob w/ baby steps for 45 seconds. regardless of the fact that melee hero was standing right on top of the mob at the begining of the attack). I can tell you that there will NOT be any rares or uniques. I can tell you that I have never seen any "treasure", unless you think that some silver ore is treasure (which you can mine anywhere btw)...

    Just some of my general views of Horizons to date.

    I know that you dont like the truth... now ask me if I care :)

    <Insert insult about ur fat mom here>

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